Kiota Camp is permanently located in Central Serengeti, taking advantage of the year-round wildlife viewing the Seronera Valley and nearby areas have to offer. The Central Serengeti is famous for its healthy populations of large cats, permanent game around the Seronera River, and Rettima Hippo Pool. Kiota is the sister camp of Chaka Camp, a semi-permanent camp that moves twice a year to follow the migration. Combining Kiota and Chaka Camps for a four to six night stay in the Serengeti ecosystem is a great way to see many different areas of this vast wildlife area.

We have paired up with the original design team of Chaka Camp to create Kiota Camp. The look and feel of Kiota is different from that of Chaka, but the attention to detail and quality the same. Preparing delicious meals and focusing on a high level of customer service are integral parts of our new camp. Kiota, meaning ‘nest’ in Swahili, is your home away from home in the middle of the Serengeti. Karibuni sana!

NEWS! We are opening a third camp, Kichuguu Camp, end of May, 2017! Kichuguu will be located inside Tarangire National Park. Check this space for updates and images. Kichuguu will have the same service and accommodation standards that our customers have come to expect from Chaka and Kiota! Karibuni wote!


Godlisten Mbise

Godlisten worked at a lodge in Arusha for three years before joining the Chaka Camp team as a waiter in 2013. He shifted to Kiota Camp in May 2015.



Anderson Urio

Anderson Urio worked as chief mountain porter and tent attendant for 10 years with Duma Explorer before shifting to the Serengeti to work at Kiota Camp.



Tadayo Mbise

Tadayo worked as a mountain porter while he completed a driving course in Arusha. He is a room attendant for Kiota and also drives the camp vehicle to collect water.



Peter Shayo

Working for 30 years as a plumber in Arusha, Peter is the electrical, plumbing and general technician for both Kiota and Chaka Camps. Peter can fix just about anything!



Matata Msaro

Matata worked for Duma Explorer as a Kilimanjaro mountain chef for 6 years before shifting to the Serengeti to work as assistant camp chef. He is originally from the Lake Victoria area.



Edna Kubeka

Originally from South Africa, Edna is marketing manager for Chaka and Kiota Camps. You may also see her at the camps as a relief manager as she enjoys being in the bush!



Omary Ridhiwan

Omary manages Kiota’s reservations and operations team in Arusha. Omary has a long history in the hotel business in Northern Tanzania, working as camp manager, store keeper and purchasing manager.



Ekaeli Solomon

Ekaeli is based in Arusha and oversees purchasing for the camps. She ensures that supply trucks are sent out on time.



Hezron Mbise & Stacy Readal

Hezron & Stacy are the owners and directors of Chaka and Kiota Camps. They founded a safari company in Arusha in 2004 and expanded to the tented camp business in 2013.


Eco Standards

Kiota Camp has the same eco standards that Chaka does, operating off-the-grid and sourcing all furniture from artisans in Arusha. Hard plastics and tin are recycled in Arusha, and rain water collected in staff areas. Organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables will be supplied to the camp.